Change how you work…change how you live!

As a member of this team, you’ll enjoy the following key competitive advantages Maloof Properties offers compared to a “big box” broker:

  • Legal expertise – know the contracts you use, and know how to advocate for your clients! Nick Maloof, Broker of Record is also an attorney. He’s your personal point of contact for any legal questions you or your clients have.
  • Boutique focus/feel
  • Tagline allegiance – “Professional services, personally delivered.”
  • Personalized broker support and availability
  • Streamlined commission splits with no “nickel and diming”
  • Reduced bureaucracy and likelihood of office politics – no time for that…let’s get the job done for our clients!

Your business, more than anything is YOU. You generate most of your own leads. You care for your own clients. You are responsible for getting deals closed, making clients happy, and your own productivity. Since You are so vital in this process, why do you surrender so much of your productivity (both time and money) to your brokerage company?

Consider Maloof Properties, Inc…a full-line brokerage company dedicated to its own tagline:

Professional Services, Personally Delivered

We are building a brand that is first and foremost “professional,” meaning we are purposeful in doing exemplary work for our clients. We are competent, and then some. However, we are not drones or robotic—we are personal in our delivery of services, conscientiously matching buyers and sellers around the best home possible.

If you want strong broker support, a close-knit yet laid back work environment, reasonable splits and fees, and the opportunity to thrive independent of big-name broker complications, please contact me. I personally want to make your work—and your life—more rewarding.

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