Commercial Real Estate

Looking for the Upside

Commercial real estate is among the most complicated fields because of the diversity of knowledge and information necessary to properly serve clients. A person working in commercial real estate must truly be conversant in legal matters, statistical interpretation, as well as market-driven mathematics. It's a good thing you're working with Maloof Properties! We offer full-service real estate support with brokers and attorneys, giving you a 1-stop-shop. Review the introduction into Commercial Real Estate below then give us a call to answer any questions and provide you with our well-rounded expert support.

Commercial real estate takes many forms, and each presents its own spin on how a deal would be struck. Below we introduce you to the main categories: 

  • Multifamily

  • Retail

  • Industrial

  • Office

  • Development

Multifamily Residential Investments

Multifamily transactions demand that all parties be sophisticated in regard to residential landlord-tenant matters, construction quality and standards, demographics, estoppel matters, and a variety of other facets that govern residential real estate landlords. Multifamily transactions hinge upon vacancy factors as well as the availability of cash flow to finance the anticipated debt service. Many swear by this type of investment, but those who engage in the commercial investments listed below rarely venture into multifamily.